Introducing Dean’s Spotlight

Jan 14, 2020 | Spotlight

Official COEHP logoThe College of Education and Health Professions is the second-largest college at the University of Arkansas with over 5,000 students studying to be nurses, athletic trainers, teachers, counselors and more.

Many are engaged in innovative and impactful efforts that embody the COEHP spirit. Every week when school is in session, COEHP will highlight one of these outstanding students — and occasionally an alumnus or faculty member — in a series called the Dean’s Spotlight. COEHP’s dean, Dr. Brian Primack, initiated the series.

“I think that stories are critical. People remember stories, and stories help illustrate the value of our work in education, research and community engagement,” Primack said. “Therefore, I’m very happy to be teaming up with our communication director Shannon Magsam, who has been helping me to discover the stories of some of our most remarkable students and bring them to light. I’m thrilled that we can present these stories to the University of Arkansas campus and the world.”

For this inaugural week, COEHP is shining the Dean’s Spotlight on Claire Sanchez, a remarkable graduate student who’s in the teacher preparation program. Sanchez’s ultimate goal — her life’s work as she calls it — is to design a school and curriculum that helps students coming out of severe trauma, abuse, and human trafficking to become strong, empowered members of their community who stop the cycle of violence. The U of A Master of Arts in Teaching program has been recognized as one of the leading U.S. teacher preparation programs by the American Association of Teacher Educators.

To read more Dean’s Spotlight stories and other COEHP community news, visit the College’s online magazine, the Colleague. The College of Education and Health Professions offers advanced academic degrees as well as professional development opportunities and learning communities in service to the education and health systems of Arkansas and beyond.