EMPOWER Program Seeks Students as In-House Mentors

Feb 19, 2019 | College News

The EMPOWER program is seeking mentors to fill new in-house mentorship opportunities for the fall 2019 semester.

EMPOWER is a post-secondary, non-degree program at the University of Arkansas for individuals with mild intellectual disabilities.

Mentors will live with students enrolled in the EMPOWER program. Mentors’ room and board will be paid as part of their commitment. All interested students should contact program director Ashley Bradley at arbradle@uark.edu for details.

In-house mentors focus more on the daily living skills like setting the alarm, laundry, checking emails, etc. In-house mentors also assist with social interactions within the dorm environment as necessary.

Similarly, the goal of peer mentorship is to create an inclusive learning and socialization environment for all students. Peer mentors work with EMPOWER students both in class to assist as necessary with note-taking and outside of class with navigating campus life. Peer mentors work with mentees on social skills, daily living skills such as setting an alarm and checking email and Blackboard, and academic tasks including tutoring.

For further information on becoming an EMPOWER in-house or peer mentor, contact Amanda Wallace, volunteer services coordinator, at 479-575-5497 or aw008@uark.edu.

EMPOWER — Educate, Motivate, Prepare, Opportunity, Workplace readiness, Employment, Responsibility — is based in the College of Education and Health Professions.

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