Wellness Initiative To Be Launched At The University of Arkansas

Apr 4, 2017 | University Recreation

The University of Arkansas is committed to the well-being of its students, faculty, and staff. A Wellness Initiative, created through a partnership between the Pat Walker Health Center and University Recreation, identified eight dimensions of wellness that can improve one’s quality of life and maximize potential.

“The idea of well-being and wellness is a collaborative effort that requires the contribution of partners across campus to develop and extend the knowledge of existing programs devoted to improving the climate of wellness on campus leading to successful students, faculty, and staff,” said Jeremy Battjes, director of University Recreation. “We’re excited to partner with the Pat Walker Health Center to create the Wellness Initiative, that includes a comprehensive resource for wellness on our campus, while continuing to reach out to partners on-campus who can contribute to the Wellness Initiative.”

The connection of one’s own well-being to productivity and success provides the catalyst for a campus community that is healthy and vibrant. Providing wellness opportunities encourages the UA community to recognize a holistic model of health that contributes to increased productivity and success. The UA Wellness Initiative is designed to identify eight specific dimensions of wellness including physical, social, environmental, occupational, spiritual, financial, emotional, and intellectual.

“The wellness initiative is focused on building and strengthening our students, faculty and staff with a holistic and comprehensive focus,” said Mary Alice Serafini, executive director of the Pat Walker Health Center. “By addressing the eight dimensions of wellness, partners in this initiative will create a supportive and healthy environment for individuals and the campus community.”

More information regarding the University of Arkansas Wellness Initiative can be found at wellness.uark.edu, which will serve as an outreach tool and resource bank for the campus community. University Recreation and the Pat Walker Health Center will be engaging campus partners over the coming months, strengthening the resources within the Wellness Initiative. Campus partners or programs who would like to be represented over the coming months are encouraged to contact Casey Fant (cfant@uark.edu), assistant director of fitness/wellness, or Shaina Hayutin (sehayuti@uark.edu), graduate assistant for fitness/wellness.

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